Saturday, November 22, 2014

Homemade Spiced Cider Recipe

It's almost the Holiday Season and I thought I would share a delicious recipe from my Aunt. I remember going over to her house for Christmas Dinner. I'd see my other Aunts and Uncles, My Cousins, and My Grandparents. I loved it! Every Christmas, she would have this crockpot sitting on the corner of her counter. Inside the pot, there was this delicious spiced cider. It is simply the most delicious cider you'll ever taste. I've heard it called Spiced Cider, Apple Cider, Mulled Cider, Mulling Cider, and Wassail. I just call it delicious. Here's how to make it. 

What you'll need

• A Crockpot or Large Stockpot {if you are going to make it on the stove}
• 1 Gallon Apple Juice
• 1 Gallon Cranberry Juice {64 Ounces}
• Cinnamon
• Nutmeg
• Allspice {Optional}
• Whole Cloves {Optional}


• Pour the entire bottle of apple juice in the Crockpot or Stockpot, whichever one you're using. 
• Next, pour the entire half gallon bottle or 1/4 of it in the pot with the apple juice. Stir the 2 juices together
• Then, sprinkle in the cinnamon and nutmeg {also, if you're using the allspice and the whole cloves, add them in as well. You might add about 5 cloves} Stir everything together in the pot. 
• Finally, Turn on the eye of the stove or turn your crockpot on Medium. Allow this to simmer for about 1-2 hours. This will smell amazing and will taste even better.

I hope you all have an amazing Holiday and Merry Christmas! Enjoy this awesome cider recipe! 

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