Friday, January 2, 2015

10 Things That Everyone Should Keep in Their Vehicle

Hi there! I hope that everyone of you had a Merry CHRISTmas! Today I will be sharing with you some necessary items that everyone should keep in their vehicle. This is mostly geared to women, but I will make a special list for those men out there. 

Some of these items may make you ask "Why?", so I will list a small explanation of why you should keep these items in your vehicle.

Items for Women -
1. An emergency bag - this bag should contain the following and should fit nicely inside your glove compartment or console. Thirty-One Gifts sells thermal lined cosmetic bags that are small. This ensures that things inside don't melt in the summer. 
- Hand Sanitizer for obvious reasons
- A small package of facial wipes that can also be used on your hands for when you need to freshen up 
- Hair Elastics {which I call Ponytail Holders} for when you just need to get your hair out of your face
- Bobby Pins and/or Small Hair Clips for hair emergencies 
- Feminine Products for when you run out in your purse. Click on Feminine for Pads and Products for Tampons
- A Pocket Pack of Tissues for obvious reasons 
- Chapstick - if you didn't know, Chapstick helps to heal little cuts and burns that might happen in your car. Also, if your lips get chapped, you can use it for that! 
2. A Phone Charger to charge your phone in case of an emergency. Click on Phone to purchase a cord and Charger to purchase an adapter
3. Vinegar - if you're driving in the snow and can't see out your window, pour a small amount of vinegar on the windows that you can't see out of and the snow and ice goes away. A small bottle of vinegar is very cheap at the dollar store.
4. Blankets - to keep you warm in freezing temperatures if your vehicle were to break down
5. Lug Wrench - you can find these at your local automotive shop, like Advanced Auto Parts or O'Reilly. Speaking from personal experience, MAKE SURE IT FITS THE BOLTS ON YOUR TIRE! We had a flat once and had to go and purchase a lug wrench from Advanced Auto Parts. It was about $14 I believe. 
6. LED Flashlight - Sometimes, you can find these lights in a pack of like 5 or 10 for like $10, but they're not that expensive by themselves. You can find them at your local dollar store. They give off a super bright light and last a lot longer than regular flashlights.
6. Batteries - For your flashlight. Make sure they fit the flashlight.
7. Mini Screwdriver Set - some flashlights make you unscrew the bottom or the back of them to replace the batteries. Normal sized screwdrivers are too big to fit, so you need mini ones. 
8. Mini Tool Set - It never hurts to have a mini tool set in your vehicle because in certain instances, you may need it. Make sure it has a wrench, a screwdriver {both flathead and Phillips head, or a 2 in one}, and a ratchet wrench.
9. Pepper Spray - This is optional, but why would you not want to have this in your vehicle? Self Defense is always necessary. You can find this at your local sporting goods store.
10. Mini First Aid Kit - you never know when you'll have an instance when you'll need this helpful kit. 
Items for Men -
All items listed above, except for the Emergency Bag, also apply to men.

That's it! If you come up with anymore things, please leave them in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy New Year! God has blessed us all with another year! Thank You Lord for allowing us to have another year and we ask You for an even better 2015! Amen!
I took the time to link all the items listed above so you could find them easily! Just click on each title of each item to navigate to the websites. 

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