Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Potty Training Tips for Toddlers!

Oh yes...the dreaded "Potty Training" milestone. Don't you just wish you can skip it? But let me tell you something - YOU ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE! I am going to go ahead and tell you before I get started - I do not have children that are human, BUT I DO have a dog (lol) which STILL needs potty training. The UP side of potty training babies is that they contain their "mess" in a diaper (sometimes) and not on the carpet or hardwood floor. But the DOWN side to potty training babies is that they are RELIGIOUS about diapers! My mother tells me stories about how I would literally BEG for her to put a diaper on me so I could go potty! But that's all they were used to for about 2 1/2 years of their life! Now you're trying to make them sit on this weird chair that has a hole in it, makes a loud noise and circles water around inside. Who in their right mind would want to leave DIAPERS? But that's one of the sad truths about growing up.

Here, I will share a few effective and fun Potty Training Techniques to teach your little toddler how to use the big boy/girl potty!

1. Cartoon Character Themed Timer - This cute DIY timer is inexpensive (you can buy cheap timers at the dollar store for cheap or you can buy one that is similar to the timer used in the picture, Click Here) and encouraging to any little toddler that loves Minnie or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This Could totally be transformed into Mickey Mouse by subtracting the eyelashes and bow.

  • For the ears, Click Here to purchase Foam Sheets (these are sold individually online, but I'm not sure if they are sold individually in store)
  • For the Bow, Freehand (or print out This Template and cut one of them out, because that is the size that the bow needs to be.) a bow on a pink sheet of foam paper (They do not sell the shade of pink that Minnie's bow is individually, however, at the dollar tree, they sell packs of 10 assorted colors of foam paper that includes the correct shade of pink on foam paper. Your kids could use the extra for crafts or you could save them to make future DIY projects!) Click Here to purchase the foam sheet for the bow
  • For the White Dots on the bow, I suggest using a Sharpie Paint Pen, because it is opaque and doesn't sink into the foam. Click Here to purchase one. They run about $3.79, but they can be used in all sorts of projects! For an alternative, use an eraser of a pencil and dab it in White Acrylic Paint (Click Here to purchase) and make dots on the bow
  • For the Eyes, obviously, you use googly eyes from the dollar store (Click Here to purchase)
  • For the Eyelashes and the Mouth, cut strips of your leftover black foam and glue them to the back of the googly eyes and the mouth.
  • For the nose, get a black pom pom ball (Click Here to purchase. SIZE MATTERS!) and glue it to the dial of the nose as shown 

Credit - Evelyn Waters

2. Monthly Sticker Chart - Does your child LOVE stickers? If so, this would be the most effective potty training technique.

Here's What You'll Need - 
- Stickers (Let your child pick out stickers that they like so they will like what stickers are actually going on the chart)
- 12 Month Calendar (or print out a calendar online) that your child likes. For example, if your child likes Tinkerbell, then get a Tinkerbell calendar. Not only will they be more excited to put stickers on the calendar, but they will like to see the character(s) that are on the picture side of the calendar each month.
Command Poster Hanging Strips - for $1.67, your bathroom walls will thank you for not sticking a tack or nail in them. These strips are damage free and come off cleanly with no sticky residue! Plus, you'll have some left over to hang other things! Think about it, these strips are temporary...a nail or tack hole is permanent.
- Key - Make a key for the calendar. For example - if your child has 20 stickers in one month, that means they get to pick one prize out of the prize bin but if they rack up 30 or 31 stickers in one month, they get 2 prizes out of the prize bin, etc, etc. 
- Prizes that your child likes (or little coupons for something that your child likes to do. For example - if your child likes to go out for ice cream, go on Microsoft Word or hand write a coupon for "Go Out For Ice Cream")
Step 1 - Hang the calendar in the bathroom where your child will mostly be using the bathroom. If they use the bathroom at a public place, keep a little pocket calender in the car with stickers so that you can record them as they are with you.
Step 2 - Teach your child what the toilet is used for and introduce him/her how to use it. 
Step 3 - Show your child the calendar and explain that every time they use the big boy/girl potty, they get to put a sticker on today's date. 
Step 4 - Use the key that you made earlier to count the stickers at the end of the month so that your child can get his/her prize! 
- KEEP THE STICKERS IN A SAFE, CHILDPROOF AREA! DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD SEE YOU GET THE STICKERS!! If they are aware of the stickers' location, they are capable of sticking stickers all over the house! 
- Even though you put the sticker on the chart, be SURE to congratulate your child on your own accord so that he/she feels important
Thank you all for reading! I hope you try these out! The best of wishes to those who are potty training their child! 

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